Telomoyo Cup 2022

Gunung Gajah XC Challenge

Following the trials that were carried out in the previous event, this time on June 9-12 2022, at Gunung Gajah, a small paragliding competition was held with titled as “Gunung Gajah XC Challenge”.

In this event, the readiness of the Gunung Gajah take off site was tested as a place for competition, which covers many aspects of competitions such as competition organizing, general  event management, external party involvement and pilot training for cross-country competitions.

Although categorized as a small competition with 28 participating pilots, the pilots came from various regions in Indonesia. This means that the readiness of the area around Mount Gajah is also observed for its ability, especially in terms of accommodation and service for guest pilots.

From this event, an evaluation can be carried out which will be useful for organizing a cross-country paragliding competition in  the 6th Telomoyo Cup 2022.

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