Telomoyo Cup 2022

Gunung Telomoyo

Gunung Telomoyo terletak sekitar 55 km dari Semarang, ibu kota Provinsi Jawa Tengah. Dari puncaknya (1898 m) kita bisa melihat danau Rawapening, kota Salatiga, kota Ambarawa, Gunung Merbabu, dan Gunung Ungaran. Ada jalan untuk mencapai puncak gunung dengan pemandangan alam sekitar yang indah. Pada tahun 1997, pilot layang layang lepas landas dari puncak gunung Telomoyo untuk pertama kalinya. Sejak saat itu, Gunung Telomoyo menjadi salah satu tempat terbang utama bagi komunitas layang layang di Indonesia.

Kompetisi layang layang pertama di Gunung Telomoyo diadakan pada tahun 2002; dan pada tahun 2014, Klub Gantolle Jakarta Hang gliding menginisiasi Kompetisi Hang Gliding Internasional Telomoyo Cup yang pertama.

Gunung Gajah Telomoyo merupakan gunung yang lebih rendah dari Gunung Telomoyo yang terletak 3 km sebelah Timur Laut Gunung Telomoyo. Dengan ketinggian 1300 meter di atas permukaan laut, dirancang dan dikembangkan menjadi hang gliding dan paralayang lepas landas pada awal tahun 2020.


Kejuaraan Telomoyo Cup 2022

XC Race yang seru! Tahun ini adalah penyelenggaraan ke 6 Telomoyo Cup Hang Gliding Competition dan kami ingin menyelenggarakan kembali dengan lomba yang syarat akan keseruan maka kami menambahkan kompetisi Paralayang XC sebagai kompetisi paralayang pertama kami di seri Telomoyo Cup. Ayo terbang!


Mount Telomoyo Aerodome,
Semarang – Indonesia


September 3rd  – 18th , 2022

Hang Gliding

11th – 18th September 2022

Race to Goal/ XC race

Class 1 Open and Class 1 Floater


Mt. Telomoyo Blue Ramp (S 7°21’36.84″ – E 110°23’57.09″)

Elevation 1894 m ASL

Sraten field (S 7°19’02.76″ – E 110°27’28.26″)

Elevation 470 m ASL

  1. Open Class equivalent Safepro 5 rating pilot
  2. Floater Class (single surface)  minimum Safepro 4 rating pilot
  3. Valid HG Pilot License
  4. FAI Sporting License for Open Class
  5. Using own equipment in good and feasible conditions of:
  • Glider 
  • Harness 
  • GPS or Vario 
  • Safety Parachute 
  • Helmet
  • Handy Talky (2 meter band)


3rd – 10th September 2022

Race to Goal/ XC race

Class Overall


Mount Gajah Telomoyo (S 7°21’17.35″ – E 110°25’58”)

Elevation 1300 m ASL

Sraten field(S 7°21’36.84″ – E 110°23’57.09″)
Elevation 470 m ASL

Muncul field(To be announced)

  1. Parapro 4 rating pilot
  2. Valid PG Pilot License
  3. FAI Sporting License
  4. Using own equipment in good and feasible conditions of:
  • Glider
  • Harness 
  • GPS or Vario 
  • Safety Parachute 
  • Helmet
  • Handy Talky (2 meter band)

General Informations


The nearest airport is Ahmad Yani International (SRG), but you may also reach our location from Adi Sumarmo International (SOC) in Solo or Yogyakarta International Airport (YIA).

Tourist Destinations

Around our location, there are plenty of touristic destination and attraction such as:
- Rawa Pening Lake, where you can easily have a stop at “Bukit cinta” (Love Hill)
- Ambarawa Train Museum
- Gedong Songo temple
- River tubing
- Coffee plantation
- Eling Bening panoramic view
- Gumuk Reco /Sky Swinger


Thera are many small but decent hotels in the cities of Salatiga, Ambarawa, Bawen and Ungaran. You may book a room by yourself via any travel application through internet, but we recommend you book a room via the organizer due to the pick up arrangement during the event.


Indonesia using Bahasa Indonesia as their language and it’s rarely to find one who can speak proper English. So, be ready with your Google translation.

Food & Beverages

There are plenty kind of local food around HQ that you may try. Just be aware that local food may hot and spicy. Having a stomachache during the competition just take you stranded in the toilet.

If you want to find any international one there are some restaurant in Salatiga who serve it, and just in case you got desperate, yes there is KFC or Pizza Hut for your favour.

Alcohols are hard to find but there is one little shop in Salatiga that sells beer. They are open from 6 pm – 6 am (this is not a mistyping).


There are no decent public transportation nor even a taxi meter around our location. You may take local company on line taxi which are “Grab” and “Gojek”, but please download their apps via “App Store” or “Google Play Store” beforehand. Other alternative is rent a car that you can manage via your hotel staff.

Eventhough you have an international driving license, we strongly NOT RECOMMEND you to self drive here, due to our driving habit.


Money changer is difficult to find but you can find ATMs easily in some convenience stores. There is also one across the street of the HQ. So you may withdraw the bank notes from the ATM. Please assure that your ATM card has “Cirrus”, “Alto”, “Visa” or “Mastercard” logo on it. Fee charges may apply, please call your bank accordingly.


Electricity: Indonesia using 220 Voltage electric power with Europlug system socket (two-pole plug + twin holes socket). So please be aware with your electronic devices and bring the travel plug multi adaptor for your conveniences.

Water: DO NOT DRINK any tap water straightly, is not safe for your health except mentioned as a drink water fountain.

WC/ Toilet: there are squat and/or sitting closet type in public restroom and we use semi dry toilet. You may find inside, a water jet spray or water bucket instead. Toilet paper is not common. Please be prepare for it.