Peraturan Umum


Pemeriksaan kesehatan harian sebelum penerbangan akan diterapkan di HQ atau lokasi lepas landas, meliputi:

  • Tekanan darah 
  • Suhu tubuh 
  • Gejala fisik (kelelahan, pilek, etc.)

Penyelenggara dapat membatalkan penerbangan Anda atau mengambil tindakan lebih lanjut yang diperlukan jika ada potensi bahaya bagi kesehatan Anda atau orang lain.

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Cara Pengiriman Hang glider

There are 2 options for taking your hang glider to Indonesia.

Please check your airlines baggage policy in advance of your departure. Not many will agree to transport a hang glider due to space restrictions, but some will be prepared to take them on as standard oversized luggage. The regulations and costs will vary from carrier to carrier. 

You may have a connecting flights to our locations with smaller aircraft, make sure the airlines have accounted for that as well.

If you have no problem on your departure, then please also make sure that they will give you similar services on your flight back home.

Transporting a hang glider with an aeroplane is not kind of day to day stuff in Indonesia. Custom officer may handling differently and asks you some deposit while you land. Please be aware and get prepare.   

We do recommend you to shipping your glider in ATA Carnet scheme to prevent any hassle on custom and we are welcome to help you in receiving your hang glider here. Please contact us (link ke halaman contact) beforehand. 

Since ATA Carnet procedures is vary in many countries, please check to your national chamber of commerce and industry, or state customs.  

Prosedur Pendaftaran

To join the Telomoyo Cup 2022, you may download this Registration Form

Isi formulir secara manual, simpan sebagai file PDF lalu cetak. Hasil print-out ini harus diberikan kepada panitia pada hari pendaftaran di HQ

Transfer the competition fee as US $ 150 (hundred and fifty dollar) to the committee bank account :
Account number: 126-00-0404081-1.
Swift Code : BMRIIDJA

Scan or take photo of your transfer receipt

Email or Upload the receipt’s photo or scanned receipt

Your registration validation will be informed by email within 24 hours. If you have no validation from us after 24 hours please report via contact form.

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Transport & Co.

So, are you ready for 6th Telomoyo Cup Hang Gliding Competition ? Then register yourself


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Hang Glider Rental

If you feel being hassled of bring your glider to Indonesia, we provide some gliders to be rent. Please go to this page to see our model/ type and fill the form